To give you the deliteful experience that you deserve we want you to know exactly what you can expect from us and our websites. Here’s our commonly asked FAQ’s. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re more than happy to chat.

  • Can I edit my Delite website myself?

    You certainly can. All of our websites are fully editable to give our customers the ability to make changes on their own terms. With the use of our simple WordPress ‘Content Management System’ (CMS) dashboard users can easily navigate around the website and make the changes they need.

  • Are Delite websites mobile friendly?

    They are indeed. Our websites are fully responsive – meaning they will work across all devices; be that a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

  • What If I don’t have a logo?

    No logo? No problem. We will insert a text-based logo to get you started or with our help we can create you a deliteful logo for an additional charge. If you wish to send us a logo produced by somebody else (initially or in the future) that’s not a problem we’ll add it to the site (it must be provided to us in the correct format).

  • Can I write my own content?

    Absolutely. We offer initial copywriting as standard to make our customers lives easier however should you wish to provide your own content that’s fine by us.


  • Who hosts my website?

    We do. Your deliteful website will be hosted on one of our dedicated servers. Should you choose to pay for your website monthly hosting will come as standard. If you pay for your site as a one off payment you will receive one years hosting included and then be charged our standard hosting fee the following year should you wish to renew it with us. We will always remind you of your hosting renewal before it renews.

  • Will my Delite website really be live in 14 days?

    Yes. To go live in 14 days we will need to be able to contact you within that time to get the required information. If communication is not met this could add some extra time to the go live process.


  • Do you include a website address?

    Yes, a .co.uk website address is included if required. For any companies who don’t currently have a domain we can register and purchase a .co.uk domain in their name. However, for companies who already have a domain, we can provide you with instructions on how to repoint the domain to us. Either way will be nice and simple and you would still retain full ownership of your domain should you ever wish to repoint it again in the future (admin fee may occur).

  • How does my website get updated?

    We have you totally covered. You don’t have to worry about passwords, learning code, frustration or tech difficulties. Simply use our support email address (provided in your order confirmation email) and email your update request and magically, we make it happen. You will get a notification from our team when your updates are done (usually within 48 hours).


  • Why so cheap?

    By using our prebuilt starting points we’ve managed to streamline the process to deliver a high quality website at an affordable price.

  • Will my website look like somebody else’s?

    No, not at all. Just think of our starting points as layouts, we’ll make sure the one you pick is totally customised to suit your branding. So we’ll give it a fresh set of stock images, a new colour scheme, and make sure it all works around the values of your company.

  • Will my website be optimised for Google?

    Our websites are all well optimised for Google, they’re mobile friendly (so comply with Google’s recent updates), contain customised meta information (meta titles / descriptions for each page) and will include a site map to help Google read the site more efficiently.

    This doesn’t guarantee that you would be top spot on Google though for your chosen keywords, as many factors can impact this. Our sites are built very neatly so any third party SEO company would be fine to work with them and make any alterations as part of their work. We do everything on the site that is possible to give it the best chance to rank.

  • I need lots of custom features, is this for me?

    Our standard sites are designed to get small to medium businesses online. They don’t include custom functions or an online shop. We are happy to undertake more bespoke work using Delite premium. If you are unsure if what you are looking for qualifies for one of our sites, we are more than happy to help!

  • What if there’s a problem with my website?

    All our websites come with a Deliteful 2 year warranty so our customers can be confident that we’re invested in keeping their websites running at their maximum potential. In the unlikely event of something un-deliteful happening we simply just ask our customers to fill out a support ticket and we’ll get to work.


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Book a deliteful demo

One of our deliteful team members will give you a 15-20 minute phone call to run you through our demo on your chosen day / time this week. Then if you are happy to proceed we can sign you up there and then or at a time that suits you.

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